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[ October 6th 2001 ]

British actor Clive Owen has discharged Kevin Costner, Oliver Stone and Ralph Fiennes following the appointment of a co-starring role opposite Lara Croft Tomb Raider starlet Angelina Jolie in her new movie Beyond Borders.

GoldernEye director Martin Campbell will helm the production chronicling the life and times of a group of international aid workers. While attending Thursdays Los Angeles premiere of husband Billy Bob Thorntonís Bandits motion picture, Jolie let slip to Us magazine the appointment of Clive Owen, even though the official cast list has yet to be announced. The cameras will being rolling in March for Jolieís African segment.

Angelina Jolie recently donated $1 million to help the refugees fleeing Afghanistan. The cash, equal to about £700,000, will go to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees' appeal. The UN is hoping to raise £185 million to fund humanitarian efforts in and around Afghanistan as tensions mount over a possible military strike in reprisal for terrorist attacks on the U.S.

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