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[ October 4th 2001 ]

While some celebrities are donating their blood to the Red Cross, Billy Bob Thornton is painting pictures with his and giving them to wife Angelina Jolie, MSNBC reports today.

The latest from the quirky couple is that for their wedding anniversary, Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie bought Thornton a grave plot, and he countered by making a trip to the local hospital to have blood withdrawn, and painted pictures for Jolie with it. "Yeah, but you know I didn’t paint crows over the wheat field or whatever," Thornton told British newspaper The Express on Sunday, "It was just words..."

Thornton also complained over the way his morbid form of romance has been rapped by the media after the couple announced earlier this year that they both wore each others blood in vials around their necks. "If Michelle Pfeiffer gave Mel Gibson a vial of blood to wear around his neck in a movie you’d think it was terribly romantic, everyone would cry and they’d win awards," Thornton griped. "But in real life if someone does that they’d be considered weird."

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