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[ October 1st 2001 ]

Portuguese interactive 3D game designer Rogerio Silva (of Dark Fall fame) is back with another spectacular Tomb Raider map boasting over 260 rooms, a myriad of lighting effects and 140 different textures tablets including extensive sky effects some sixteen times more detailed than the original Tomb Raider.

Chiclayo Caves I, the first episode in the forthcoming Chiclayo Caves map series, chronicles the return of Lara Croft to Mexico:

"After 5 years spent in traveling around the globe, she started a study on the Chiclayo Civilization, which was the reign of the king Atahuallpa. This civilization had a very strong period of existence for about 120 years! Then it was lost and forgotten deep in the Mexican mountains. Lara was able to buy an old map from a local Mexican museum, which was believed to be useless and without any historical value. Lara starts here the search for the ring of the king Atahuallpa..."

Chiclayo Caves I can be downloaded, packed with FlyDrive v1.5b, from our mammoth Tomb Raider custom level repository.

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