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[ September 28th 2001 ]

Eidos London confirmed earlier today that no new announcement is planned on Tomb Raider Next Generation dispelling earlier rumors that a press release would be published this month. The company told that Derbyshire based studios Core Design will now focus their immediate attention on the upcoming release of Project Eden, Herdy Gerdy and Thunderhawk.


Designed by the team that created the original Tomb Raider, Project Eden is a squad-based action/adventure featuring strategic puzzle solving, tactical use of equipment and innovative character interaction. Taking control over a team of four characters, game-play is either single player co-operative or up to four player network. A death-match option is available and an internet version is also planned.


Herdy Gerdy’s hand-drawn environments feature unparalleled levels of detail that incorporate a Disney-influenced graphical style for backdrops plus character and scenery animation. An unfolding storyline and character interaction gradually reveal the strategy required to successfully reach objectives. Set in a ‘living’ world, exploration, puzzle- solving and the gathering of resources all play a part in Gerdy’s extraordinary quest to become tournament champion of the island.


Thunderhawk harnesses the power of next-generation technology, immersing the player in an ultra-realistic action extravaganza. The Thunderhawk gunship is equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and guidance systems, coupled with an immediately accessible 'pick-up-and-play' control system to offer instant satisfaction. The gunship is armed with the latest in weapons technology including Gun-Ship Sniper, Night Vision and Guided Missiles. Levels of additional support includes Infantry, Tank Battalions and Air Units, all of which add to a realistic and fast-paced battlefield experience. With full 3D and logistical freedom, action is based on military maneuvers ranging from full-scale war campaigns to self-contained missions.

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