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[ September 28th 2001 ]

Despite assertions to the contrary, London based publishers Eidos Interactive looks set to release Hitman 2 and Commandos 2 on Microsoft’s upcoming X-BOX games console which is due to make its commercial debut next year, Console Wire reports today. Jacob Anderson, Hitman II's lead designer, revealed during a recent interview: "On the Xbox and PlayStation 2, you still control Hitman in the third-person, because that's the best solution when you use a game pad."

Promotional material was responsible for conformation of the Commandos 2 port to XBOX when Point Of Sale packaging was sent to retailers which included artwork of Microsoft upcoming gaming console.

In other company news, Eidos Interactive have released a brand new Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix trailer that showcases the explosive action this game has to offer. Developed by Derbyshire studios Core Desidn, Thunderstrike is a fast 3D Arcade-Action game based on military campaigns involving ultra-realistic vehicles and massive sprawling environments.

The developing story evolves around a deadly new adversary that has struck at all the principal nations, paralyzing the world. The world's allied forces immediately call for a global summit, merging their weapons resources and technologies into a clandestine project entitled Operation Phoenix.

In control of the most advanced Gun-Ship technology known to man, you’re the best shot the free world has for peace. Your objective is clear: Resolve All Situations.

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