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[ September 27th 2001 ]

Tourism in Cambodia has experienced phenomenal growth over the past months with Americans influenced by movies like "Tomb Raider" - which capitalized on the religious Angkor Wat temples - being filmed in the country. However, according to a report in today’s Wall Street Journal, this increase has now felt the full force of terrorist fear with Cambodian officials reporting a dramatic decrease in bookings and U.S. citizens preferring to stay at home whilst a large contingent of holiday makers have cancelled trips altogether.

British Airways, one of the world largest airline carriers, has already reported a loss of $40m since the attacks on the World Trade Centre two weeks ago, and U.S. President Bush has announced a rescue package for many U.S airlines grasping for a financial lifeline as passenger confidence reaches an all time low. Other countries nearer to Afghanistan, the country at the center of the Bush administration's planning for reprisals after the attack, look set to be particularly badly affected by the trend.

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