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[ September 19th 2000 ]

According to a report posted by The Butler, the cast and crew from the Tomb Raider movie are shooting a Himalayam scene after spending time in Iceland filming in an underground resevoir which was converted into a huge set. "Yea, one of my spies has told me a little about Angelina Jolie in the new TR movie...' reporting in about a scene apparently set in the Himalayas, our heroine is to be found traversing a cold and rocky landscape with a posse of gun-wielding henchmen wearing parkas in tow.

"Against the obvious cold, Lara herself is trussed up in a heavy, light grey and ankle length coat with a fur-lined hood like those "worn by Russian girls in Bond movies. " At one point, she walk towards the camera and her coat opens to reveal a tight fitting, matching pale grey outfit with her traditional accoutrements, her big guns strapped to her thighs and her err... boots."

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