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[ September 27th 2001 ]

Tomb Raider Wired News is the first online magazine to deliver the latest Tomb Raider content 24 hours a day, and the official content provider for tombraiderchronicles.com - With talented correspondents reporting from across the globe, Tomb Raider Wired News is the only source for extensive up-to-the-minute, accurate Tomb Raider content.

The infrastructure and mechanics of our new web fascia are now complete, and Tomb Raider Wired News now reside in their new home located at wired.tombraiderchronicles.com

Tomb Raider Wired News will shortly be launching a selection of interactive media channels specifically designed for webmasters wishing to capitalize on our content pool. For further information regarding our interactive services, contact get.wired@trchronicles.com

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