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[ September 19th 2000 ]

While the marriage of Eidos Interactive and the movie release of Tomb Raider could see as much as $200m in advertising benefit the release of Chronicles and the future release of the series, PC Gamer asked Core boss Adrian Smith his companies angle on the movie. "It's got quite a SciFi edge," he says, enthusiastic about what he's seen on set so far. "The sets look awesome, and they've been pursuing the love interest like a dog with a bone."

When asked what kind of love interest, Smith returns "Well, maybe a bit like the X Files with Mulder and Scully....." Smith is then quizzed on his opinion of Lara Croft star Angelina Jolie. "I think Angelina Jolie's great. I think she's f****** barking, but she's a hot property, I really can't think of anyone better for the role. She's a very strong character-actress, and the poor bloke who interviews her gets a right hard time..."

No induendo there then :-)

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