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[ September 20th 2001 ]

Ever wanted to manage your own band? Think you can do a better job than Nasty Nigel? Now you can prove it with the new game from Eidos Interactive - Popstar Maker - the world’s first pop star management game. Choose your band members from a group of young hopefuls and then transform them into worldwide superstars! The game is being developed by Teque Software, UK, and is due for release this Christmas on PlayStation.

Your first job as the manager is to pick your band members, style their image and choose a name for the band. You will then need to get them in the studio to record some tracks. Popstar Maker contains its very own virtual mixing studio where players combine samples and beats to create their own unique records. Once you have recorded a single you must design the CD case and then release the single into the charts. Chart day is Sunday and only then will you know if your band are a hit or a miss!

After your first hit things will hot up and you will have TV appearances and press interviews to arrange. Record companies will also be hungry for a piece of the action, so make sure you sign the right deal. Meanwhile you will need to get the band back in the studio to start work on the album! Be careful to treat your band well and plan their time with care and you’ll have a happy and motivated band that will give it their best. Mismanage things, work them too hard, pay them too little, or just don’t help them achieve sufficient fame and fortune and you’ll be heading to the dole queue faster than you can blink.

The more success you have the busier you will be and you will need to get your band ready for that crucial first live performance. Here you will see all your hard work pay off as you watch your group performing the music that you recorded in front of screaming fans! Worldwide domination is surely within your grasp, or will you be just another one hit wonder?

"Popstar Maker is a fun and accessible game that fits perfectly into the current reality TV and designer band phenomenon," says John Davis, marketing director at Eidos. "The game is a perfect Christmas gift for the younger budding Popstar generation but also contains elements that will appeal to frustrated starmakers of all ages."

"Developers and publishers alike strive to achieve the ‘Holy Grail’ a new and unique game concept with mass-market appeal. We believe we have achieved just that with Popstar Maker," says Tony Kavanagh Managing Director of Teque Software development limited. "Whether you want a five minute mixing session or a carefully planned assault on the world’s album charts, Popstar Maker delivers it all."

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