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[ September 12th 2001 ]

Paramount Pictures Lara Croft: Tomb Raider motion picture starring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie as Core Designs British diva Lara Croft has been displaced a further two places at the North American Box Office generating $152,846 in ticket revenue - down 46% on last weekends figures - during the September 4-10 weekend.

The video-game adaptation of the same name has collected over $250m in world-wide ticket sales since its inception June 15th thanks to a huge Tomb Raider fan-base and a series of strategic advertising alliances with Pepsi, Land Rover, Ericsson and Taco Bell.

Angelina Jolie joins real life father Jon Voight in a perilous mission to recover the Clock of Ages, an ancient device capable of halting time.

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