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[ September 6th 2001 ]

Microsoft's new flagship operating system Windows XP, the forthcoming amalgamation of home and corporate operating systems currently powering 80% of the worlds computers, may well improve the performance of more than 12,000 titles including Core Designs Tomb Raider adventure series, the New York Times reports today.

Designed for very young, high-octane PC's packing 128MB of RAM and above, Windows XP aims to bridge the gap Windows 2000/NT users experience while attempting to play many mainstream titles including the phenominally successfull Tomb Raider adventure series as well as affording users the same stress-tested, highly secure engine that drives Windows 2000.

And if the unfamiliarity of Windows XP chokes a particular program, a clever "compatibility mode" menu in the Properties window of each program lets you trick it into thinking it's running on Windows 95, Windows NT 4, or whatever. initially developed a series of unofficial patches which remedied many compatibility issues associated with Tomb Raider, and supported by the release of Microsoft's Service Packs and monthly compatibility updates, corporate users working in a professional NT environment were soon able to benefit from the video game performance home-line PC owners running Windows 98/ME were already enjoying.

Windows XP has now gone gold, and PC manufacturers are already loading the new operating system onto their PC's ready to engage the official Oct. 25 release date. Our extensive testing with Windows XP has so far proved very postitive, and we will release our research papers and any subsequent patches in the coming weeks.

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