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[ September 5th 2001 ]

BT Openworld have revealed details of their new "Software To Go" rental initiative aimed at delivering video games, graphics packages and educational titles to broadband users on a cost per hour, day or week basis, the BBC reports today.

The software rental system, which has been operational in a testing capacity since July 25th via BTs Openworld broadband portal, affords high speed DSL users the opportunity to rent a range of products before deciding whether or not to purchase. Users could also utilise the service as a testing platform to determine whether certain titles would be compatible with their systems.

All software available can be played for the first ten minutes without charge, beyond which prices vary depending on usage. Among the 50 titles currenty listed in the Software To Go catalog include Core Designs Tomb Raider III, Deus Ex, Alone in the Dark, and The Sims.

The Software To Go infrastructure has been provided by technology company Extent, who are targeting broadband users wanting more than quicker loading web pages for the additional costs of high-speed DSL connectivity. Software titles are disassembled into smaller chunks and streamed to a users PC where they sit in Random Access Memory reducing the risk of video-game piracy.

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