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[ August 30th 2001 ]

British DJ Fat Boy Slim has announced the release of his upcoming double-A sided single Ya Mama and Song For Shelter which also includes the Tomb Raider track Illuminati currently spinning in Paramount Pictures video game adaptation starring Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie as Core Designs diva Lara Croft.

Ya Mamma, which features a track mixed by the Chemical Brothers, is taken from the DJ's forthcoming album Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars. Fat Boy Slim also is giving a limited number of fans the opportunity to download mobile phone ring-tones from his forthcoming album. The offer is available to the first 10,000 fans visiting his official site.

Ya Mama/Song For Shelter is released as a double A-side on September 1 through Skint Records. Song for Shelter features the vocals of Roland Star 69 Clark and was mixed by the Chemical Brothers.

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