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[ August 30th 2001 ]

PDA Tomb Raider junkies can now have curvaceous Lara Croft strutting her stuff on their hand-held devices thanks to a new program called Pocket Mascot developed by JGUI. Pocket Mascot stays on the top of the screen of your Windows CE-powered Pocket PC and displays the Core Design diva and two other interchangable characters who draw your attention to important matters, like no other!

Because Pocket Mascot is a fully-skinable program, you can change the view and even actions of your portable digital reminder as often as you like. The application will use your native language to communicate as well as take notes, display text messages and monitor system status.

The fully featured version comes with 3 default skins: Lara Croft from Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie, Gandalf from the movie Master Of The Rings and Robot Maria from the movie Metropolis. Click HERE to download the Pocket PC Lara Croft demo. More information available from

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