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[ August 21st 2001 ]

Lara Croft Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie will be officially enrolled as a United Nations goodwill ambassador at the agencies Geneva headquarters Monday following a grueling tour of Cambodia visiting displaced refugees that previously fled the region, AP reports today.

The star of Paramount Pictures video game adaptation shot scenes from Tomb Raider in the Temples of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world and best known for housing scores of old Buddhist and Hindu temples around Cambodia.

Kris Janowski, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said: "We have chosen this very popular American actress because she brings a lot of interest to refugees She's especially popular among young people. She is the kind of person who can get our message across to young people. The twenty-six year old Oscar winner has already toured refugee camps situated in Sierra Leone, Pakistan and Cambodia.

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