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[ August 15th 2001 ]

Eidos Interactive, the publishers behind Core Designs phenominally successfull Tomb Raider video game series, have teamed up with cereal giant Nestlé to give you the chance of getting Lara Croft in your cereal bowl first thing in the mornings.

If you happen to pour out the contents of Nesquik, Shreddies, Coco Shreddies and Frosted Shreddies then you may be lucky enough to find a Lara figurine drop into your bowl as well. The promotion that features two other PlayStation game characters will run for a total of eight weeks with the first packs in shops now.

The stickers of Lara are available in selected packets of Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Grahams. Starting tonight, the promotion is also getting a substantial TV ad campaign, so look out for them on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, MTV and Nickelodeon.

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