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[ August 3rd 2001 ]

Eidos Interactive is to release four new titles as part of the Premier Collection Series. The new titles are the award winning Deus Ex, Tomb Raider: Chronicles, Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon and Chicken Run. All titles will be released in October 2001 on PC.


Last years ‘Game of the Year’, Warren Spectors’ Deus Ex has redefined traditional game boundaries to become the new benchmark in PC gaming. You play JC Denton, an anti-terrorist agent. It’s the new millennium. Civilisation is near collapse and the world economy is in chaos. Deadly viruses ravage the earth, terrorism runs rampant. From this maelstrom of violence, an ancient conspiracy bent on world domination emerges from the shadows of legend. No one believes they exist. No one but you. You must travel the globe, develop your skills and build a network of allies to counteract the evolving threat. Employ stealth, strategy or action where appropriate in each mission.

A richly simulated world of unparalleled interactivity, engineered to react to your every action. A globe-hopping, epic adventure. Span the world from New York to Paris to Hong Kong exploring locations recreated from actual maps, blueprints and photographs. Total character interaction. Your relationship with scores of other characters affects the outcome of the game.

The ability to create a compelling alter ego. Select and develop your own unique set of skills and nanotech augmentations; determine which weapons and objects you need to survive and solve problems.


Uncover the secret history of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Chronicles, the latest adventure in the epic Tomb Raider series. Lara Croft is missing in Egypt - presumed dead. Those closest to her gather together at the Croft Estate on a grey, rainy day for a memorial service in her honour. Afterwards, the friends sit quietly together in the study of the Croft Mansion and reminisce about Lara's past exploits; exploits that have until now remained a secret.

Contains Tomb Raider Level Editor Create your own Tomb Raider levels for the first time! New insights into the past adventures of Lara. Four new and unique scenarios that reveal more information about her and other famous Tomb Raider characters.

New features and abilities. Lara has new moves and animations - including hand-to-hand combat, stealth moves and a new search facility. Make wider use of the inventory system to combine and use weapons and items such as the new grappling hook gun!


Based on the historical background of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Fate of the Dragon takes you back to 184AD, to ancient Chinese history where you can relive the turbulent battles that took place. As one of Three Warlords, you must build your own regime, develop new technologies, and create a mighty army in attempt to control the Three Kingdoms and reunify China.

Establish comprehensive power through production, construction, trade, science and technology, alliances and war. Multiple paths of victory military control through war and strategic development of new technologies, or political control through diplomacy and strategic alliances. Each kingdom contains unique technologies, buildings and characters taken from actual cultural and social development of the time and accurately reflects the Three Kingdoms’ culture. Head-to-head or co-operative multi-player support for up to 8 players via LAN or Internet.


Re-live the hilarious action from the blockbuster film. Ginger is a chicken on a mission, she bravely leads the flock in a number of wild and wacky escape attempts from the barbed wire confines of Tweedy’s farm. To do this she enlists the help of Rocky, a smooth-talking American rooster and the cheeky cockney rodents Nick & Fetcher. Will they all make it to freedom before they end up as chicken pies

Their fate is in your hands! A fantastic comedy adventure with all the humour of the movie and plenty of zany escape plans. Feathers are going to fly! Huge detailed 3D immersive environments. Characters, voices and locations based on the film. Highly involving gameplay and an easy control system ? Something for everyone including stealth, puzzle-solving and arcade elements.

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