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[ July 21st 2001 ]

Derbyshire based studios Core Design have confirmed their latest Tomb Raider title code-named "Next Generation" will be released November 2002, specifically for PC and Playstation II platforms. Tomb Raider Next Generation will be a marked departure from The Last Revelation and their latest Lara Croft offering Tomb Raider Chronicles with Core aiming for a more adult orientated adventure sporting light RPG elements in the form of attribute development.

Rather than allowing players to tweak the game's characters to their liking, certain actions - such as running and sprinting - will automatically become more effective the more a player performs them. This allows Core to include areas in the game that are accessible only by characters of a certain proficiency level. Lara Croft has undergone extensive rendering sporting over 5,000 polygons & supported by a new game engine which capitalizes on the PS2's vast terrain based capabilities.

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