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[ July 6th 2001 ]

Mill Film, the U.K. based special effects company charged with the digital trickery for Paramount Pictures Lara Croft: Tomb Raider motion picture, talks to the British Broadcasting Corporation about the inclusion of CGI effects into Angelina Jolies combat sequences:

There are two really big hero sequences when Angelina Jolie is in combat with opponents who are computer generated - I think they are fantastic sequences, but it's so difficult for us beecause we don't see the whole movie. It's very much in the Indiana Jones mould - she's got tremendous presence. We actually had a team at Pinewood alongside the director doing "previsualisation" - designing sequences before they are shot. It gives the director a moving storyboard - and it gives our people greater exposure to the real world of production. Ultimately the end result of that does show on screen.

Mill Film was also quizzed on whether a requested effect by a Director was ever deamed impossible to create during the tight schedule of a motion picture project:

The answer is rarely no, but it might not be a simple yes. It's an interactive process. The adage that most things are possible given enough time and money holds true. It probably wasn't true 10 years ago.

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