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[ July 6th 2001 ]

Paramount Pictures Lara Croft: Tomb Raider motion picture opened across the United Kingdom today after its London premiere on Tuesday when a four-thousand strong crowd flocked to London's Leicester Sq. to show their support for the Lara Croft star. Angelina Jolie, accompanied by husband Billy Bob Thornton, captivated the crowd with a 20 minute tour before disappearing with father Jon Voight in tow to watch the British premier of her $100m adventure movie.

Also in attendance were the creators of Tomb Raider, Derbyshire studios Core Design. Public Relations manager Susie Hamilton told the company totally enjoyed the movie. "It may not be the most sophisticated plot in the world but it's supposed to be an action movie - and there's certainly plenty of that in it. "Angelina is superb and the supporting cast was very well-chosen. Locations are gorgeous - it's visually stunning, plus the soundtrack is bangin'! I know I'm in PR and expected to speak only positively, but I'm being truthful here - I think it's a good movie - take it for what it is!"

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