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[ June 23rd 2001 ]

Reaction to Paramount Pictures Lara Croft: Tomb Raider motion picture has been largely mixed, but one aspect of Core Designs human interfacing Lara Croft star Angelina Jolie that has captured the public imagination is her pursing lips. Here's what some media carriers have said to date:

Washington Post, June 15

Awesomely vacant, "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," stars Angelina Jolie's lips and breasts and, in a much smaller role, the actual Angelina Jolie herself.

Providence Journal-Bulletin, June 15

Director Simon West ("Con Air") kept his eyes so trained on the action that he left his characters stranded and flat. Well, not totally flat. Jolie has had so much collagen pumped into her lips that they threaten to become duck-like.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, June 16

She . . . has lips that look as if she ran into a wall and sports a better English accent than Madonna.

Profile in The Sunday Times (London), June 10

The famously bee-stung lips move into action, replacing the pout with an easy smile. Talking to Jolie is like walking a thin line with someone who'll giggle like a schoolgirl or, alternatively, reach across, slit you open and gnaw on your black journalist's heart.

Boston Herald, June 10

In "Tomb Raider" . . . she brings to the role of Croft a posh accent, a heck of a torso and lips that look more tarantula than bee-stung.

San Diego Union-Tribune, June 15

Jolie doesn't need to bare breasts, as Halle Berry does. She has her lips, those plummy pods of puffed perfection.

Buffalo News, June 15

Her face isn't just a triumph of huge eyes, huge cheekbones and huge, pillowy lips; it's a magnificent arrangement of planes that the camera gets lost in.

Profile in Time (international edition), Dec. 18

Smoking cigarettes in the shade, she is barefoot, dressed in a traditional monk's orange shawl, and her compact, succulent lips pull you in like a plate of oysters.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 15

"Tomb Raider" is selling a product. Or products, actually: Angelina Jolie's lips. Her thighs, strapped dominatrix-style with twin handguns. Her hips. And of course her co-stars, Breast Left and Breast Right.

New York Daily News, Jan. 13, on "The Bone Collector"

We interrupt this movie review to ask, what is up with Angelina Jolie's lips? Sexy, yes. But gargantuan, and as uneven as lunar terrain.

Jay Leno, the "Tonight" show, Oct. 13

According to People magazine, cosmetic surgeons say the most requested body parts the one people most want are Nicole Kidman's nose, Sophia Loren's cheekbones, Courtney Cox's chin, Carmen Electra's eyes and Angelina Jolie's lips. . . . Which, if you add together, is the formula for Cher.

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