British actress, model and singer Rhona Mitra has spoken out about her time portraying video-game icon Lara Croft and the reasons for the abrupt termination of her contract and her comments paint a troubling picture from her time as Lara.

Rhona opened her post on her official Instagram with a quote from Jane Goodall. "It doesn't take much to be considered a difficult woman, that's why there are so many of us."

"Someone sent me these photos from a shoot taken in Paris. I was 19, I was lost and I needed a role model... so I found one. Her name was Lara. Everyone scoffed and turned their noses up at the idea an actress should embody a computer game character. From the costume, to the Album, to the wine she drank with dinner... I was the architect that breathed human life into a pixilated girl. It was a first. We were interwoven, she was me and I her."

"Until, of course the misogyny kicked in and tainted what could have and should have been an iconic modern femme fatal. She was Indiana Jones meets La Femme Nikita. And... they ****ed it. I drew the line at the bikini requests and the hooker fueled parties filled with sweaty bloated men in suits probing for more **** and cleavage. Told them to go **** themselves and threw their contract in their face."

"Took me 25 years and many a bloated man in a suit painting me as 'difficult' for standing up for my own principles to realize the role model I was looking for was right there in the mirror. 25 years to realize that being a 'difficult woman' means I called you out in your ******** or stood up for what was integral. Or god forbid I did not **** you for the job... or go up to your hotel room with you... or... or... "

"Then I'll definitely take that label. Because 25 years of apologizing for not pandering to someones ego is the biggest form of self betrayal and greatest example of covert systemic bullying that exists."

"And to all the other 'difficult women' out there, be difficult, don't just point your fingers, stand up for yourself and teach your daughters to be difficult AF. Be the example. We are not victims nor should we be manipulated into doing or being something other than what is whole and correct merely for the sake of a job."

"Your truth and morals are your compass in this life. Never abandon them for anything or anyone or let the ****ers take them from you. 25 years it took me, and I've pretty much seen it all. I was born, and I will die, a difficult woman. So sue me."

Rhona Mitra as Lara Croft