Illustrator Babs Tarr reimagines Tomb Raider II box artwork
[ 08 Mar 2021 ]
Babs Tarr has produced a Tomb Raider II box art reimagining as part of Tomb Raider 25.
Tomb Raider Definitive Survivor Trilogy on Microsoft Store
[ 07 Mar 2021 ]
A listing for Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy has appeared on the official Microsoft Store.
Tomb Raider interview with Shelley Blond and Natalie Cook
[ 01 Mar 2021 ]
New interview with voice actress Shelley Blond and former Lara Croft model Natalie Cook.

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[ June 21st 2001 ]

Keynote Streaming Systems recently conducted a series of data-flow measurements as the Tomb Raider World Premiere was broadcast live across the web utilising Microsofts Windows Media Streaming Network as it's primary carrier. The results were as follows:

Keynote took its measurements with its new Streaming Perspective 2.0 service, announced today at the Streaming Media West conference, that adds performance measurements for Microsoft Windows Media audio and video streams. Now, with support for the two leading streaming media players, Microsoft Windows Media and Real Networks' Real Media, Keynote measures the quality and performance of the majority of streaming content on the Web. In addition, Streaming Perspective 2.0 now delivers the performance results for one-time events, as well as ongoing and on-demand, through its easy-to-use interface, MyKeynote. According to Streaming Perspective 2.0 measurements at, Windows Media delivered high quality and availability to end users accessing its streams over high bandwidth T1 (300kbps), mid bandwidth (100kbps) and low bandwidth dial-up (56kbps) connections.

The availability results of the "Red Carpet [Tomb Raider World Premiere] " video coverage of the premier indicate the popularity of that video for each of the bandwidth options on Friday and Saturday, the first two days of the movie's release, at 89.81% on Friday for both the 300 and 100 kbps stream, and 90.45% for the 56 kbps stream. Availability for that stream on Sunday improved to 96.3% for 300 kbps, 96.5% for 100 kbps, and 95% for 56 kbps dial-up. Keynote measured four streams at each bandwidth level starting Friday, June 15, the day the movie premiered: the "Behind the Scenes" video, "Red Carpet" coverage of the premier, the "Teaser Trailer" and the "Theatrical Trailer." "Since introducing our Streaming Perspective service at the end of last year, we have seen the overall quality of streaming content improve," said Matt Parks, director of product management at Keynote. "According to the Keynote Streaming Quality Scale that is a part of our service, companies are now able to more consistently deliver video streams over the Internet at a higher quality ranking compared to just six months earlier.

"This is due to improvements in technology in just this short a period of time, including new media players from the major vendors, and improvements in the hosting providers and content delivery networks."

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