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[ June 15th 2001 ]

Paramount Pictures $100m Lara Croft Tomb Raider motion picture has released across the United States this morning and immediately received a mixed bag of reviews from information carriers across the web. A small selection is featured below, to be joined shortly by our own exclusive movie review and media giveaway.

WARNING: Contains spoilers!

Tomb Raider movie review - Alysum ..."If all goes well at the box office, her role as the female Indiana Jones will surely carry over into a sequel or five"

Tomb Raider movie review - Houston Chronicle ..."Someone should conduct a study of the health effects of long-term exposure. See summer films such as Tomb Raider, Swordfish and Pearl Harbor over and over again, as young people are wont to do, and your mind is liable to atrophy from lack of use."

Tomb Raider movie review - Meta Critic ..."The fate of mankind rests in the hands of one Lara Croft, a twenty-first century heroine inspired by the most popular interactive video character in history."

Tomb Raider movie review - CNN ..."Prepare yourself to be fairly underwhelmed by Tomb Raider. The movie's violence is metallic and fast moving, but there's not as much of it as you've come to expect."

Tomb Raider movie review - Washington Post ..."Lara Croft comes from a rich background, is highly educated, speaks a ton of languages and can fight with the biggest and best of 'em. Her thing is finding long-lost tombs and uncovering artifacts from long-lost empires."

Tomb Raider movie review - Screen IT ..."An adventurous, tomb-raiding woman sets out to find two missing pieces of an ancient artifact that could give a villain ultimate power over time."

Tomb Raider movie review - New York Times ..."Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is a franchise, just like Taco Bell. That chain has advertising tie-ins with this movie, which is about as memorable as one of its cheese quesadillas."

Tomb Raider movie review - Gamers ..."This latest attempt at a video game movie is getting mostly bad reviews, with complaints of it having no real story."

Tomb Raider movie review - Film Force ..."Angelina Jolie stars in an astoundingly-lame cinematic adaptation of Eidos & Core's video game franchise."

Tomb Raider movie review - The Baltimore Sun ..."Director Simon West and his five credited writers seem content to let "Tomb Raider" ride its adrenaline rush straight into audiences' hearts. And it just might; it's too bad that visceral thrills are all this movie has to offer."

Tomb Raider movie review - LA Times ..."Tomb Raider's"special effects must have cost a lot, but the film lacks the thrills one might expect."

Tomb Raider movie review - The Chigaco Times ...""Lara Croft Tomb Raider" elevates goofiness to an art form. Here is a movie so monumentally silly, yet so wondrous to look at, that only a churl could find fault."

Tomb Raider movie review - The New York Post ..."LARA CROFT: Tomb Raider, with Angelina Jolie sporting a fake British accent and even phonier hooters as the eponymous video-game heroine, is a tedious bore that deserves early entombment."

Tomb Raider movie review - E Online! ..."We think you're better off playing the videogame--at least there the characters don't speak."

Tomb Raider movie review - Mr Showbiz ..."The fact she is almost too good for anyone and never gets a scratch or in real danger makes the movie a bit dull."

Tomb Raider movie review - Reel ..."There's little doubt Angelina Jolie was born to be an action star ó just not in this movie."

Tomb Raider movie review - IF Magazine ..."It may be damning LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER with faint praise to say itís the greatest movie ever based on a videogame. After all, the legacy of films like MORTAL COMBAT, STREET FIGHTER, and SUPER MARIO BROTHERS is a shameful one indeed."

Tomb Raider movie review - Cinema Confidential ..."Could Tomb Raider be an embarassment ? While it's still too early to tell, many of the first reviews being posted are trashing the picture. Take the rest of this article to be speculation and rumors, but nothing more"

Tomb Raider movie review - Guerila Film ..."Simon West's Tomb Raider is not your ordinary film, so I wont be giving it an ordinary review, It is a highly visual movie, with a few inane quotes along the way; So my review of Tomb Raider will be highly visual and contain a few quotes along the way."

Tomb Raider movie review - Aint It Cool News ..."TOMB RAIDER is a classic example of complete ignorance in action and serial storytelling."

Tomb Raider movie review - MSNBC ..."The phenomenon of Lara Croft was never really directed at me, a woman in her late 30s. I donít need guns or an action figure with guns to get a tutorial on powerful women."

Tomb Raider movie review - USA Today ..."At first glance, it may look like there is no hanky-panky, virtual or otherwise, in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider."

Tomb Raider movie review - Film Threat ..."Nearly $100 million was spent to make things blow up and fill the screen with loads of fancy special effects, but all anyone talked about at length when walking out of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is something anyone can figure out after shelling out a couple of bucks on a video rental of Gia"

Tomb Raider movie review - Sliced Wire ..." Perfect casting of Angelina Jolie can't keep Lara Croft's live-action debut from landing flat on its face."

Tomb Raider movie review - Apollo Guide ..."The villainous Powell might have been talking about this whole dull movie, and not just the Illuminatiís endless speachifying, when he comments before the gunfire starts near the filmís uninspired climax, Enough of this twaddle. Twaddle it is."

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