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[ June 15th 2001 ]

Eidos Interactives' marketing vice president Paul Baldwin talks to Gamespot UK on Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie and reveals further details on Core Designs Next Generation Lara Croft adventure:

While console and PC gamers have been eagerly counting down to the movie's release, longtime players of the Tomb Raider series will no doubt notice the lack of a new game to accompany the movie. While Eidos has been known for pumping out derivative sequel after derivative sequel, the company's 2001 product slate has nary a mention of Lara Croft. "There is a new game in development," Baldwin revealed. "It's just that the engine wasn't ready yet--it's a new engine for the PlayStation 2 and PC." While some early screenshots have appeared on the Internet, Baldwin said the official announcement of the game will be in August or September, with the product slated for release in the second half of 2002.

Baldwin said the new game isn't based on the movie, and he also said it's unlikely that Jolie will provide Lara's voice for the game. "But you never know what could happen," Baldwin continued, "because there are tentative plans for a movie sequel for summer 2003, and if that happens, we could do another Tomb Raider game to come out day-and-date with the sequel." Croft fanatics will have to get their fix of Lara at the movies this year, but Baldwin promises that the DVD release of the movie in November will include a special trailer for the next game. What can we expect to see in the trailer ? "This game is going to completely relaunch the franchise," Baldwin said after attending the Hollywood premiere of the film. "In fact, I'm not so sure Lara is going to be in any tombs at all. For a while, we weren't even sure we wanted to call it Tomb Raider." He paused to consider. "Now, with the movie getting so much attention, we'd probably be nuts not to keep using the name."

Moral of the story: Keep the name, but if Angelina Jolie has her say, it probably would be a good idea to drop the hair braid. Tomb Raider opens in the US and Canada this Friday.

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