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[ June 15th 2001 ]

As Tomb Raider Chronicles for the MAC platform goes gold and enters it's final mass-producing stage before being let loose on shelves across the globe, Westlake Interactive have announced that Core Designs Tomb Raider Trilogy is also nearing Gold Master status.

Tomb Raider Original, Tomb Raider Gold, Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider II Gold,Tomb Raider III and The Lost Artifact have been sown together by Westlake Interactive who have advanced an integrated installer and a host of related media in their latest Macintosh bundled offering.

System requirements for Tomb Raider: The Trilogy call for any iMac, G3 or G4; Mac OS 8.6 or later; 32MB RAM; 4x CD-ROM; QuickTime 4.0. Aspyr Media, the series publishers, are now taking pre-orders pending final release.

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