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[ June 14th 2001 ]

With the movie right around the corner, Mac gamers have been itching to get their hands on a copy of the upcoming Tomb Raider Chronicles. You'll be happy to hear that the game has gone into duplication, as of this afternoon and could ship as early as Friday.

For those of you OSX junkies, Chronicles will be carbonized so no need to reboot. The full system requirements are:

Tomb Raider Chronicles plays on any iMac (revision B or later), G3 (blue and white desktop or later), or G4.

Open GL 3D Hardware Acceleration Required (Rage Pro, Rage 128 or better)

Power G3 266 MHz or faster (350 MHz recommended)

MacOS 8.6 or later (built for OS X)

32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)


Westlake Interactive are also releasing Core Designs Level Editor which, requiring 300MB available HDD space, will ship with Tomb Raider Chronicles.

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