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[ June 12th 2001 ]

Hollywood laid on a visual spectacular last night to celebrate the World Premiere of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, the motion picture Paramount Pictures hope will reach it's summit this summer.

Angelina Jolie, dressed in leather trousers and a black vest-top, led a parade of Hollywood's finest all geared for a first glimpse of the Oscar winner as Core Designs cyber-babe Lara Croft.

Paramount Pictures laid on an exclusive after party, which featured three segments each lavishly outfitted to represent scenes from the movie, including a Croft Manor segment, Angkor Wat and Iceland scene sporting mammoth icebergs illuminated from within to cast an eerie incandescent glow around it's immediate vicinity. The studio also powered up the Microsoft media streaming service to broadcast a somewhat broken live video feed of proceedings as they transpired. Angelina Jolie, Iain Glen and Sam Jackson provided interviews and a series of Tomb Raider questions, which were answered by a large Yahoo! contingent, was advanced for the entertainment of online users tuning in across the globe.

The event was a success, and Hollywood managed to dissipate the premiere set as quickly as it had been erected. Angelina Jolie and movie director Simon West will continue a gruelling tour of interviews until the movie premieres for the public Friday June 15th.

The remnants of the broadcast can be found over at, for latest movie news and media, check our movie section here.

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