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[ June 11th 2001 ]

As a Hollywood contingent of stars and media select gather in Los Angeles to herald the world premier of Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider motion picture, director Simon West [Con Air, The Generals Daughter] tells Sci-Fi dot com that shooting on the towering Icelandic glaciers proved dangerous for his cast and crew.

"It was just a very dangerous environment," West said in an interview. "All the snow had gone, and it was just down to the perma-ice. ... Every 20 feet it was, like, crevasses going down a kilometer or something. And we had to have guides to pick us through a footstep at a [time, so as ] not to fall down these things." West and his crew also had to contend with freezing temperatures. "I, of course, was wearing seven layers," he said. "And [star Angelina Jolie] was wearing a tank top, and that was it. And, like, her lips were going blue."

Simon West was presented with a question of whether or not the hardship was worth the final result, and surprisingly replied "No, it's not. I came to the conclusion of that....." Lara Croft: Tomb Raider makes it's public debut Friday June 15th across the U.S. Oscar winning Girl Interrupted actress Angelina Jolie will assume the identity of Core Designs Lara Croft, a British female aristocrat on a globe-trotting adventure of self and discovery.

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