[ 03 August 2021 ]

Tomb Raider has sold 84 million units worldwide according to new data from Square Enix. Based on information provided by Square Enix we can estimate Tomb Raider (series) sold an additional 2 million units from April 9, 2021 to July 27, 2021, bringing the total to 84 million units sold worldwide at time of publication.

Square Enix does not provide data on how they calculate units sold and based on verifiable data from official sources we best-guess this number to include mainline titles, Lara Croft spinoffs and mobile. Giveaways may also be included because they are sold at 100% discount.

Square Enix regularly tally the total units sold for their main intellectual properties and a summary of this data can be found at the bottom of most press releases. The Tomb Raider franchise continues to be a solid performer for the Japanese publisher.

Square Enix

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