[ 30 July 2021 ]

The Angel of Darkness month of July, part of Tomb Raider 25, has been an almost non-stop asset drop and we close out with an absolutely monster haul of design and development documents unearthed, sorted and packaged by Crystal Dynamics Senior Community Manager Meagan Marie and her team.

The Angel of Darkness Development Archive contains 247 documents featuring character profiles, dialogue scripts, animation lists, a brief look at the sequel and much much more. Hop on over to the official Tomb Raider Blog to view the documents online or download the entire archive from our The Angel of Darkness microsite under Tomb Raider 25.

We are acutely mindful and appreciative of just how much work went into this asset drop. Thank you so much to Meagan and everyone involved at Crystal Dynamics for helping us preserve Tomb Raider history.

The Angel of Darkness Development Archive

Tomb Raider 25

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