[ 29 July 2021 ]

Crystal Dynamics are giving away all three The Angel of Darkness-inspired novels published by Del Rey in the early 2000s for free as part of Tomb Raider 25. The Amulet of Power, The Lost Cult and The Man of Bronze are now available to download on the official Tomb Raider blog or via Apple Books.

The Amulet of Power, written by Mike Resnick, is the first book in a bold new series of Lara Croft novels tying directly into the popular video games. The Amulet of Power reveals the never-before shown events that took place between The Last Revelation and Angel of Darkness.

The Lost Cult, written by Eric Knight, chronicles the adventures of Lara Croft who narrowly escapes death while on a mission for the CIA to recover stolen Iraqi artifacts. After destroying years of his research on the ancient Mene cult, archaeologist Professor Frys is murdered by an unknown assassin. Lara Croft knows her colleague must have stumbled upon a dangerous secret and sets out to uncover the truth.

The Man of Bronze, written by James Alan Gardner, is the third and final book published by Del Rey. After completing a near-fatal mission in the mysterious cloud forests of Peru, Lara Croft flies to Warsaw to tackle her next assignment and finds herself in the middle of an epic battle for the ultimate power.

The Angel of Darkness Novels

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