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[ June 8th 2001 ]

The official Tomb Raider movie web site beckons ye adventurers to gingerly explore the Tomb of the Dancing Light as Lara's World, powered by online content carrier iPIX, receives it's third major update.

An alternative solitaire shockwave game and an exclusive Stone Monkeys movie rewards successful navigation through the Angkor Wat Temples. Using iPIX, you'll explore in 360 degrees the rooms of Lara's home in England, Croft Manor, and journey to such exotic locales as the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the glaciers of a wintry Siberia. And in the true spirit of a Tomb Raider adventure, you've got to have a secret key to get into certain areas. There are also hidden Easter eggs packed with media rewards so start exploring over 50 different iPIX images that will premiere before the movie opens.

Click here to enter Lara's World direct or follow the links from the Official Tomb Raider movie site.

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