[ 22 November 2019 ]

The mystery surrounding Larson Conway may finally be solved thanks to a tweet by the co-creator of the original Tomb Raider, Paul Douglas. For many years it was reported Larson's full name was Larson Conway. However new information from Paul Douglas conflicts with this.

"Larson evolved out of Lars Kruger who was an Afrikaner in a similar role in the original design. It's meant to be a surname. Vicky always spelt it Larsen in the script so perhaps that should be the definitive spelling." Paul Douglas stated via Twitter.

For fans of Tomb Raider, Paul Douglas' Twitter is a veritable treasure trove of information relating to the original Lara Croft-helmed games from Core Design and well worth a follow if you are so inclined.

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

Paul Douglas

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