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Tomb Raider UI and design style guide by Shay Casey
[ 19 May 2019 ]
Style guide on Tomb Raider user interface and identity design by game developer Shay Casey.
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[ 19 May 2019 ]

Graphic designer and game developer Shay Casey has published an informative guide detailing UI construction on Tomb Raider (2013). Shay Casey was responsible for the identity and user interface design on Tomb Raider, developed by Crystal Dynamics.

"Tomb Raider UI features full 3D menus, camera transitions and interactive prompts. I designed the concepts, icons, typography, layout, UI, UX, etc.. I also programmed and prototyped a majority of the front end including base camp menus, skills, weapon upgrades, fast travel, main menus, prompts, HUD, and more." says Shay Casey.

Follow the preview image below to view Shay Casey's Tomb Raider UI and Identity Design Style Guide on Adobe's platform.

Tomb Raider UI Design by Shay Casey

Shay Casey

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