Weta Workshop progress update on The Lost Valley statue
[ 06 Apr 2021 ]
Video update and new conceptual artwork showcasing progress on The Lost Valley statue.
Tomb Raider III signature artwork reimagined by Zeronis
[ 05 Apr 2021 ]
Tomb Raider 25 continues with the release of brand new reimagined Tomb Raider III signature art.
Mystery at Croft Manor now live in Fortnite, new trailer drops
[ 23 Mar 2021 ]
Mystery at Croft Manor experience is now live in Creative and will be featured until March 30.

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[ May 29th 2001 ]

Rumour mill "Aint It Cool News" features this review from "David" on Paramount Pictures upcoming Tomb Raider movie. Contains a few spoilers so turn back now to retain the element of surprise:

Angelina Jolie was perfectly cast as Lara Croft, I was racking my brain trying to come up with another actress who could fit the bill of beauty and toughness, and couldn't name one out there right now. She does a great job, and looks like she is enjoying herself on screen. The beginning training sequence is pretty hard core, with her jumping around as this robot tries to bash her head in. I liked it because it was a little more creative than just guns shooting at her, I mean the thing had buzz saws and stuff trying to chop her to pieces. The next big action sequence with the bungee scene and the house raid, that goes down in my coolest scenes of all time. First of all she is doing this kind of exercise routine on the bungee cords which was so cool. And then the way in which she used them to her advantage in the fight, give kudos to the writer, director, action choreographer, whoever, this is the part that will be talked about. Truly an original scene.

The part in the ancient temple was pretty cool too. Set designs on this movie were amazing, from this scene and the final ones leading up to and inside the ice cave , WOW! In the ancient temple she is hanging from these giant tree roots underground, and then trying to beat the bad guys to the first piece. I did like this scene a bit better than when they claim the 2nd piece of the triangle, but I was Ok with that. Set and scene for this last action sequence was pretty original to say the least. Had to do with a giant model of the solar system spinning around. As for nitpicking about the Buddhist stuff, ok, maybe in real life that is not true. Movies are about suspension of reality...making the unbelievable, believable...how many movies would stand up if we went over every little detail. We all know how a movie like this is ultimately going to end, its fun getting there though. I dug this movie, as a summer flick I think it will do great, and I have been telling all my friends to go see it.

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