[ 26 July 2018 ]

Duncan Harris knows a thing or two about good looking imagery and this is clearly showcased in his latest Lara Croft offering. Artist Duncan Harris is a screen and video capture artist for videogames and has published a collection of his work on Dead End Thrills, his online portfolio. Click the preview below to hop on over to Dead End Thrills.

"Working within over a dozen game studios has given me extensive knowledge of game industry art workflows, not to mention tools and technologies such as Unreal/UDK, CryENGINE (Sandbox), idTech (id Studio), Photoshop, Premiere, Maya and 3DS Max. A background in software engineering, meanwhile, means I will often reverse-engineer games to fulfill publisher briefs without burdening studios and their staff.

"Years of prior experience in the games media means I can also liaise with artists, programmers, producers and PR personnel, doing my best to ensure that everyone's needs are met, and the realities understood. "

Dead End Thrills

Dead End Thrills

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