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[ May 25th 2001 ]

As a fully-laden contingent of Tomb Raider movie merchandise floods the virtual shelves of electronic toy stores across the web, People News reveals today just how far Lara Croft star Angelina Jolie went to please little Johnny.

Tomb Raider babe Angelina Jolie made sure her breasts were perfect when they were immortalized for a selection of Lara Croft action figures. Jolie in a number of different get-ups and the dolls feature the full range of outfits - a Combat Pack complete with training robot, combat gear, Siberian gear, motorcycle gear and in her classic Tomb Raiding outfit.

There are seven dolls in total, which come equipped with four different sub machine guns, a shotgun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher and her trademark twin silver pistols. Gavin Waxkirsh, spokesman for toymakers Vivid, says"Angelina was very involved with the dolls and wanted to make sure everything was just right. "I mean, everything is correct in every detail. There's going to be more than a few adults buying the dolls and I can reassure them that they won't be disappointed. Angelina insisted they were right first time - she was there for ages saying, 'bigger, bigger, no smaller!'"

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