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[ May 24th 2001 ]

Ericsson mobile technologies will enhance the power of cyber heroine, Lara Croft (Oscar winner Angelina Jolie) in this summer’s hotly anticipated film release, Tomb Raider. Ericsson and Paramount Pictures have partnered to bring a complete range of Ericsson products into Lara’s world as she crosses the globe in a quest to save the planet from the forces of evil. Predicted to be a box-office blockbuster for Paramount Pictures, Tomb Raider will premiere in the US June 15th.

Advanced technology plays a key role in the film, and the cutting-edge credentials of Ericsson products are ideally suited to Lara’s demanding lifestyle. The perfect modern heroine, Lara has brains, beauty, stamina and courage. Living in a world where Bluetooth and mobile Internet prevail, she is further empowered by deft use of mobile communications devices to defeat devious opponents. Many of Ericsson’s most innovative products are used throughout the film, including the Bluetooth Headset, Cordless Webscreen and a range of durable and high performance handsets and accessories. Ericsson Bluetooth Headset is the world’s first commercially available mobile communications product to feature Bluetooth wireless technology. Hooked over her ear, it gives Lara essential wirefree and handsfree connection to her mobile devices including the Ericsson Communicator that she wears in a hip holster. Lara uses the headset to keep her in constant touch with the enigmatic Bryce - a technical genius and accomplice - played by Australian actor Noah Taylor ("Shine" and "Almost Famous"). The Ericsson Web Screen H610 is expected to be available later this year. It is a revolutionary home device that merges voice communication; Internet access, email, voicemail and address book in one stylish product. Lara uses her Web Screen to access the latest information from the comfort of her UK ancestral home, Croft Manor.

The Ericsson R310 mobile phone is water, dust and shock resistant. It is the perfect rugged travelling companion for Lara as she encounters extreme conditions at every turn. A host of durable R310s also played a crucial behind-the-scenes role in the movie. The phones were used by the crew throughout filming, from the intense heat of Angkor Wat, Cambodia to the icy Siberian tundra. Ericsson has a strong commitment to product involvement in films, with its technologically advanced phones and accessories forming an integral part of plot lines. This was demonstrated to great effect in the 1997 Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies", where 007 used an Ericsson "concept" smartphone to remotely maneuver his car. The Ericsson phone James Bond uses in "Tomorrow Never Dies" was a fun concept product that captured people’s imaginations about the future." said Peter Bodor, Press Officer "What is exciting about the Ericsson products used in the Tomb Raider movie is that most are real and people can buy them.

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