[ 25 July 2017 ]

Jeremy Heath-Smith, co-founder of original Tomb Raider studio Core Design, looks back on his career in an interview with Polygon. Topics on the table include his time overseeing the Tomb Raider series, from the original 1996 Lara Croft-helmed adventure through Angel of Darkness before turning his back on the video-game industry.

"Angel of Darkness just about killed us all, and it was a life-changing experience for everyone involved in it - and not necessarily a great one," he tells Polygon. "I was basically co-running Eidos and everybody had software problems because Sony changed the development systems we'd been working on after 18 months, so we had to start again."

The interview offers a glimpse into the high pressure world of video-game development and the ever increasing success of a major franchise. Full interview via the jump below.

Jeremy Heath-Smith

Source: Polygon interviews Jeremy Heath-Smith

Jeremy Heath-Smith

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