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[ May 20th 2001 ]

British newspaper The Sunday People recently tendered a challenge to a team of fashion students at the American International University in London to design an outfit for former Lara Croft model Nell McAndew, using only newsprint for material.

Stunning Nell McAndrew has had some odd assignments in her time, but modelling wearing Britain's favourite Sunday newspaper has to be the strangest! The beautiful 34D model - who shot to fame as the real-life version of curvy cyberbabe Lara Croft, star of computer game Tomb Raider - says: "This is one of the best modelling jobs I've ever had. It's funny, quirky AND sexy!" The fantastic designs were all made by fashion students. It took them a total of 20 days - and 75 copies of the Sunday People - to make outfits as part of their degree studies. And the results were amazing.

Nell, a guest presenter on TV's The Big Breakfast, says: "I never thought anything could be so sexy when it was made out of paper...but then again, it is the Sunday People - my favourite. "I used to model at this college when I was a complete unknown, so it was important for me to come back and try these clothes on for the students. They have done a brilliant job, and I hope they do well. "Would I wear any of these newspaper outfits? Well, maybe, on a wild night out!"

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