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[ May 19th 2001 ]

Irish rock group U2, who recently premiered their Elevation music video across the MTV network, are reportedly unhappy with the final cut after Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie cancelled her appearance because of scheduling problems. The original video screenplay saw Jolie, cast as Core Designs British aristocrat Lara Croft, save band member the Edge from his mirrored evil counterpart, with shooting planned a month ago in Seattle. Jolie subsequently cancelled, her management company blaming her absence on a busy workload, and footage from Paramount Pictures upcoming motion picture was inserted into the five minute music video instead.

Director Joseph Kahn also reportedly came under fire from the band. Elevation heads Elektra Entertainments upcoming Tomb Raider movie soundtrack which is due for nationwide release June 6th. Joining U2 are Moby, British producer Fatboy Slim and Missy Elliot. Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie, based on the Core Design video game of the same name, debuts across the United States June 15th, arriving on European shores July 6th.

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