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[ June 25 2014 ]

A fan of the Tomb Raider series has created a 'Dynamic Suite' of some of the best themes from the popular Tomb Raider games and movies. "It's not a remix of existing music," says Kejero, a composer from Belgium with a passion for Core Design and Crystal Dynamic's celebrated game series. "It's a completely rewritten en re-orchestrated 18-minute suite of my favorite moments in these games."

But the suite is not just a regular piece of music: it's also an experiment in dynamic music. "I've always been fascinated with the concept of adaptive music in video games: the idea that the music in the background doesn't just fade in and out, but actually adapts to the events on the screen in a way that makes sense musically. It's a powerful tool that helps to immerse the player in the story and the world. I wanted to apply the same concepts to a music suite, where for example, the listener can trigger an 'action scene' at any moment, and the music follows their lead."

The suite is available as a regular piece of music in two parts on YouTube. Part 1: The Sanctum of the Ancients and Part 2: That Kind of Attention.

"The real challenge," according to Kejero, "was to implement this system in Flash, which has very limited audio capabilities. I wanted to demonstrate that adaptive music systems are really not as scary as they're still often considered to be by game developers. That you don't need any complex tools or middleware to get good results. But mostly, it's just a fun little experiment exploring both these concepts and some of the best video game music out there at the same time."

Kejero has previously ventured into the possibilities of adaptive music in 'Kameleon', a short Flash game which you can play for free on his website. He previously released a similar dynamic suite for Uncharted, which can also be found at, amongst other music. Recently he wrote the dynamic music for Guppy, another experimental indie game on Google PLAY, where you control a fish by only moving its tail.

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