Copyright 2001 Source: Seattle Times

[ May 19th 2001 ]

The Seattle Times has this take on Paramount Pictures upcoming motion picture Tomb Raider featuring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie as Core Designs Lara Croft:

Now that we're past the socially responsible part of this, let's get to the important stuff: Action! Shoot 'em up, smash 'em, get-the-loot-and-the-girl-and-head-for-the-hills. "Pearl Harbor," the apes and the mummy will not be alone in splattering blood all over the screen. We'll also see the creation of what may end up being the perfect blockbuster formula: the female action hero. By taking a hugely popular video game and casting America's favorite actress-with-a-video-game-character's-body (Angelina Jolie), Tomb Raider has created so much buzz it's nearly deafening.

Look for it to challenge the big three, plus "Atlantis," Jet Li's "Kiss of the Dragon" and "Jurassic Park III" for your brainless adrenaline dollar.

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