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[ July 22 2013 ]

Kotaku has published an interview with comics luminary Gail Simone who, along with publisher Dark Horse, is working on a new Tomb Raider comic. The story will continue where Crystal Dynamics left off with their Lara Croft reboot.

"I chose to do this series solely because I loved the game so much, so we're definitely keeping the tone of the game. I've always loved the classic, cool Lara Croft, but this feels like her origin story, like we're seeing her before she becomes the icon, and it's very compelling to me. The storytelling in the game hooked me instantly.

"The way I see Lara now is, she's not after treasure. She's not really after thrills. She's a questioner, she's an explorer. She wants answers. It's true that the earliest games didn't really give deeply emotional motives to the characters, but damn, they were fun. And ground-breaking in several ways."

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