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[ June 05 2013 ]

Crystal Dynamics have announced new bundle packs for Tomb Raider. Online Survival Pack, Adventure Pack and Tomb of the Lost Adventurer is now available to download in North America. The DLC is competitively priced and available on Microsoft Xbox 360 and Steam.

"If you've yet to nab any of our DLC offerings, we're bundling digital content in three packs for your convenience! You can grab the "Online Survival Pack" for multiplayer characters and weapons, or the "Adventure Pack" for single player weapon upgrades, skills, and outfits.

"For PC players, we've also packaged up all the multiplayer maps in a single download. Last but not least, the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer is now available to download in North America!"

Tomb Raider Online Survival Pack: This deluxe pack includes all of the content you need to survive online, including six weapons from Hitman: Absolution and four unique multiplayer characters. 560 MSP/e5.49/$6.99.

Tomb Raider Adventure Pack: This deluxe pack will improve Lara's chances of survival, including two weapon upgrades, three skill upgrades, and three outfits. 560 MSP/e5.49/$6.99.

Complete Tomb Raider Multiplayer Map Set (Steam Only): This suite of multiplayer maps provides eight new locations to dominate, ranging from a subterranean network of caves to sacred mountaintop shrines. e7.99/$9.99.

Tomb of the Lost Adventurer: Now available in North America, explore the final resting place of an intrepid adventurer, and solve a puzzle involving a crashed plane to claim your reward. 240 MSP/e2.49/$2.99.

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