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[ May 18th 2001 ]

British newspaper The News reports on the plumber who traded pipes for Paramount Pictures as his eight huskies joined Oscar winner Lara Croft star Angelina Jolie on screen:

Plumber Hugh Finnegan recently swopped his regular job to work on the set of this summer's blockbuster Tomb Raider. However it will not be Hugh appearing on screen in the screen adaptation of the hugely popular computer game - but his pack of eight huskies. Hugh and his wife Miriam, of Main Road, Emsworth have kept huskies for 11 years and regularly compete with them in sled-racing contests. But between October last year and this January, Hugh and his dogs were racing against monsters and evil spirits in the explosive action scenes of the movie which is set in mythical tombs.

Hugh's role was looking after the huskies and assisting the stunt men in learning how to ride the dog-sleds. But he also became friends with the star Angelina Jolie as he advised her on working with the dogs which pulled the sleigh she uses in the film. Hugh said: 'She was really nice, we used to talk about the dogs and how to ride the sleds.' Hugh got the chance of taking part in the film through the British Sled Dog Association.

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