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[ March 06 2013 ]

To celebrate one million Likes on Facebook, Crystal Dynamics have published two exclusive tracks from Tomb Raider composed by Jason Graves. Hunted and Scaling The Mountain are available to download for free in MP3 and uncompressed WAV format.

On Hunted, Jason Graves said: "There's a lot of exploring and sneaking to do around the island. I wanted the island itself to have a voice, speaking through the music when Lara was exploring. Even more so when she's being stealthily, like in this cue. Listen for the textures from the Instrument and my own percussion sounds. They represent the island as one of the game's main characters." Click here to download Hunted.

On Scaling The Mountain, Jason Graves said: "This piece is a great example of the dynamic music system in Tomb Raider. A great deal of the game was scored one event at a time, so as Lara progresses through a level the music moves with her.

"This is a lot more seamless than just using a standard two minutes loop and repeating it for ten minutes. Listen for the music to change as Lara explores the mountainside and encounters enemies." Click here to download Scaling The Mountain.

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