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[ June 5th 2012 ]

Karl Stewart, global brand director for Crystal Dynamics, talks to the Hollywood Reporter about Tomb Raider and GK Films developing a film based on the same storyline. "The intent, so far, is that we go back and tell the exact same story." says Karl Stewart.

"Of course, what we tell in 10 hours is very different than what they will tell in a blockbuster movie of 90 minutes. There will be some truncating, and we're very excited to see what comes out."

Commenting on the earlier films released by Paramount Pictures, Stewart says: "Lara Croft had broken new ground in the video game era 15 years ago. It brought personality, a new character, and emotion that we hadn't really seen before. To see that depicted on the big screen, especially in the first Tomb Raider.

"Angelina Jolie did such a great job that, of course, everybody wants to see their character that they just spent eight to 10 hours playing live out an adventure in a movie. We see this as a very important juncture in video game to movie adaptations. We hope to be able to continue that with this next Tomb Raider."

The full interview can be read on Hollywood Reporter.

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